The Azores Archipelago is a beautiful natural jewel layed down on the blue water of the north Atlantic Ocean, about 1,360 km west of continental Portugal.


   The territory, which belongs to Portugal, is composed by 9 volcanic islands:       são miguel, santa maria, pico, faial, são jorge, terceira, graciosa, flores & corvo, which, according to the legend, are the remains of the mythical sunken Atlantis. 


The islands offer virgin nature, a huge variety of breathtaking landscapes, dramatic views on the Ocean, and a mild oceanic subtropical climate, with pleasant temperatures all over the year.



The Central Group  & Faial


We are based in Faial,

which is, after São Miguel and terceira, the third most populous island of the Archipelago, and  offers a great variety of things to see and to do.


You can enjoy the pure nature as well as breathe the cosmopolitan atmosphere of the little beautiful town of Horta, which welcomes every year people  coming from all corners of the world.


Since 2012, the bay of Horta is member of the "Most beautiful bays in the world club", a non-profit organization under Unesco.


The island, dominated by the impressive volcanic cone of Caldeira,  is part of the Central Group and is the westernmost corner of the so-called "Triangle Islands", which also includes São Jorge and Pico.


Faial is the ideal starting point for visiting the central and western Archipelago in total freedom.

Thanks to the proximity to Pico and São Jorge, you can literally jump from an island to another.

This is an unique chance in the whole Archipelago.


The reliable service of ferry boats Atlânticoline takes you to Pico in 30 minutes, and to São Jorge in 2 HOURS.





The Western Group


The european continent has its westernmost points on Flores and Corvo islands, which compose the Western Group.


If you want to live a real wild experience, surrounded by black cliffs and heavenly green valleys, reach them from faial in only 45 minutes by catching a comfortable flight of the local Azores Airlines.